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February 2, 2010

Promotion: HLF Savings Interest Rates

Promotion: HLF Savings Interest Rates

Here we share a promotion: Hong Leong Finance Singapore HLF Savings Deposits Interest Rates.

Savings deposit interest rates of Hong Leong Finance HLF Singapore Bank interest rates are examined. How does HLF Singapore bank savings deposit interest rates of this bank stand currently?

Promotion: HLF Savings Interest Rates:
Singapore Bank Interest Rates:

Tenor / rates in percent per annum (% p.a.)

Enjoy up to 0.50% p.a. on your savings* when you open or top-up your savings account with a minimum of S$3,000. Plus the first 50 customers of each branch will receive an Eco Shopper's Bag.

Deposit Range | Interest Rates (% p.a.)
S$3,000 to S$50,000= 0.30
S$50,001 to S$100,000= 0.40
S$100,001 to S$2,000,000= 0.50

For more information on Promotion: HLF Savings Interest Rates, visit or call Hong Leong Finance HLF branches, Singapore.

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